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Translation Service in Islamabad, Pakistan


Dear Ones! We provide these services in Pakistan as well as Worldwide:

(1)     Legal Translation (Documents translation, Pamphlet translation, Booklets translation etc)

(2)     Documents Attestation

(3)     Visa Stamp to Saudi Arabia

(4)     Article Writing & Research Papers


We are the best service provider for professional and legal translation in Pakistan. We provide translation Services in all the cities of Pakistan such as Translation service in Punjab, Translation service in Lahore, Translation service in Gujranwala, Translation service in Wazirabad, Translation service in Gujrat, Translation service in Lala Musa, Translation service in Kharian, Translation service in Jhelum, Translation service in Dina, Translation service in Rawalpindi, Translation service in Islamabad, Translation service in Mianwali, Translation service in Arifwala, Translation service in Faisalabad, Translation service in Sahiwal, Translation service in Karachi, Translation service in Sakkur, Translation service in Multan, Translation service in Sargodha, Translation service in Peshawar, Translation service in Mardan, Translation service in Kohat, Translation service in Sindh, Translation service in Quetta, Translation service in Azad Kashmir, Translation service in Balochistan, Translation service in FANA, Translation service in FATA, Translation service in NWFP, country and even worldwide.


Documents: We translate any type of translation as we have well-educated experienced translators. Anyhow, we translate such kind of documents:

                        Nikah-Nama Translation (Marriage Deed), Birth Certificate Translation, B. Form Translation, Certificate Translation, Degree Translation, Educational Documents Translation (Secondary, Intermediate, BA, BSc, MA, MSc, B. Com, M. Com, MBA, Technical Certificate & Diplomas etc), Experience Certificates Translation (Medical, House Job, Teaching etc), Legal Translation, Books translation, Booklet translation, Pamphlet translation, FIR translation, Articles translation, medical report translation, Letter Translation, National Identity Card (CNIC), Bank statement translation, Admission Form, Passport and many other important documents.


Languages: (1) All Pakistani languages: Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, Balochi, Saraiki, Hindko

                      (2) The following main European languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Bulgarian, Greek, Euskadi, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and others.

                (3) All popular East Asian, South Asian and Central Asian languages: Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Farsi, Dari and many others.


Our Language Translation Pairs:

Urdu to English translation, English to Urdu translation, Arabic to English translation, English to Arabic translation, Urdu to Arabic translation, Arabic to Urdu translation, Italian to English translation, English to Italian translation, Urdu to Italian translation, Italian to Urdu translation, French to English translation, English to French translation, Urdu to French translation, French to Urdu translation, Spanish to English translation, English to Spanish translation, Urdu to Spanish translation, Spanish to Urdu translation, English to Pashto translation, Pashto to English translation, Urdu to Pashto translation, Pashto to Urdu translation, Dari to English translation, English to Dari translation, Urdu to Dari translation, Dari to Urdu translation, Chinese to English translation, English to Chinese translation, Urdu to Chinese translation, Chinese to Urdu translation, Czech to English translation, English to Czech translation, Urdu to Czech translation, Czech to Urdu translation, Dutch to English translation, English to Dutch translation, Urdu to Dutch translation, Dutch to Urdu translation, German to English translation, English to German translation, Urdu to German translation, German to Urdu translation, Balochi to English translation, English to Balochi translation, Urdu to Balochi translation, Balochi to Urdu translation etc…


Contact Number: 0334 – 550 5319

Website: www . translationdirectory.pk

Email: trdr.pk@gmail .com


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